Welcome to Anglesey Radio, sit back and remember the Sixties when we enjoyed the sounds of proper Radio stations that brought us by the likes of Radio Caroline North. This vessel brought us many great listening pleasures as it started it's Pirate transmissions in the Irish sea on Medium Wave 199Mtrs.

The Northcoast of the Isle of Anglesey was particularly suited for the reception of these transmissions as it was well within the capture reception area. Dedicated to those heroes of the day it seems appropriate to remeber some of the equipment we all loved and used to listen to those sounds.
This site hopes to give rememberence to some of those transistor radios and equipments.

A view from Anglesey coast line. The Irish Sea, birthplace of proper Pop Radio
Pirate Radio,  not the pathetic recent Radio stations.
Long live, LongWave & MediumWave.

Do you still remember the 60's when you bought your first 7 or 8-Transistor Radio.
Someone out there still rememberes listening to Radio Luxemborg on 208mtr and Radio Caroline North
TOP 20 on Sunday evenings maybe with the batteries running low..??