1.  Sneaky Holidays

    The past year has seen the arrival of a deadly Corona virus which has lead to sectors of UK citizens seeing Wales as a place of refuge from the spreading virus within their  own area. 
    This move is seen as very offensive to the people of north Wales paricularly here in  Anglesey which has previously seencontraversey regards this missuse of Holiday homes by those from across the border.

    Our own local MP here in Anglesey was evenseen during the first wavr of this Virus back in Feb/March of 2020 in a vain
attempt to feather her political nest. This resulted in nothing more than the Holiday Homers still sneaking in at Night under the
cover of darkness, having already booked their luggage and other items, with National Couriers to avoid detection of their
intentions if stopped.

2.    Is it possible that Boris supported this idea to ease the load of the English NHS..??

    I would welcome the idea that the people of Wales for once stood up and started to be more proactive in the reporting of these importers. This in turn would possible help to lessen the mounds of Dog poo, they seem happy to leave in front of my house when
they are taking their BORIS JOHNNSON regulation..."an excercise but taking walks"  Didn't hear any mention that the regulation
would be to take "ALL" your dog bits home with you..??

      It also looks likely that the annoying aircraft used by some Biggles BOZOs cannot be asked to stop their annoying childlike
excercises above Anglesey, although due to recent pictures included, it's not to hard to see why the local MP again failed to
achieve anyting that we didn't already know. however, it does seem that the emails do seem to declare a lot af stuff labelled......
    "Things I've done for Ynys MON"....lol