BCC 706C
Still looking for and wondering if this little Scoot is still alive. Any help in tracking it down would be very appreciated. The Registration 'BCC 706C'  may no longer be in use as it is now 40 years old, but any information on either would be appreciated and dealt with in strict confidence.
When last seen in the 70's it also included the front and rear Chrome bars etc and was close to being the colour as shown above.
Please use form to reply or email directly to 'johnw@angleseyradio.co.uk'




MARCH 2007 and yes I know , it's NOT a Pacemaker, but at least the SX150 Restoration can start....but where to begin..??
All cables either seized or snapped....at least it has Age Verification Cert, and engine runs.

Petrol tank full of rust and grime, not doing Tap and Carb much good,anyone have a good condition spare petrol tank handy for sale..???

APRIL 2007, once the rust is off, the rest is easy....isn't it..???
Still in need of a petrol tank..!!! and a rear light Lens.
Rear brake pedal was difficult and stubborn, as indeed was the rear
wheel Hub, even with a hub puller..!!
Note that some advertized Pullers don't come with the actual 3 bolts
needed to pull the hub. Not too hard to understand as their size
is "M7",, which has become a rare size.....bahhh.(bloody europeans).

14th APRIL 2007, ...Wedding Bells Day arrives.....  Daughter's wedding comes alive today...... It all went swimingly...!!!!

                 "We ALL wish Mel & Rob the very best for their future together...... x x "
   The most enjoyable day of my life................ (except when I'm bodging with my Lambretta of course..)
Late APRIL 2007, time to get some gloss on this thing.......
Should be able to get some 'Apple-Green -WHITE' somewhere's....

C'mon, someone must have a petrol tank for this heap..!!! and a rear light Lens.

UK Registration, looks a bit of a nightmare....so many documents, so little time.
The real puzzler is 'Why can't imports retain their Italian Reg'.....
Are we IN this European Community thing, or NOT...???

MAY 2007,  this month devoted to getting some of the mechanicals
re-engineered and made ready,,, see you in JUNE.

Early JUNE 2007,  and as promised, had a go at re-covering the DualSeat, bit of a nightmare as this seat appeared to be not quite standard SX150,well that's my excuse anyways.
Becoming apparent how reasonably easy it is to re-engineer a lot of the bits that would otherwise have to be bought. Some of the Lambretta/Scoot parts suppliers seem to be charging anything they fancy.
ALLSTYLE Scooters seem very good, as web site is WYSIWYG. albeit not always the cheapest for some of the bits.
See, I've even got the side panel rear bracket in place...woopie... Getting complaints from some 'family' that I'm not progressing much....baaahh,,Got a feeling the engine will be in by next month...most bits arrived now..New petrol tank bought, to be on the safe side.
8th JUNE 2007, and three more jobs done
The air inlet cowl, under the seat installed. The plastic seal for this is easily substituted with some coax cable outer platic (grey). Split it on one side while still on the cable and it's ideal for pushing on to the bottom edge of the cowl.
The rear mudguard i had some suspicion of, that the 2 holes on the frame end may need changing as they may force the mudguard against the rear shocker when engine is back in.  baahhhhh.
A new (re-engineered) Toolbox Door had to be bought as the old was too badly rusty and holed. These doors are a fair bit of work as the lower hinge part may need squeezing in a vice to make the door align properly with the toolbox hole. Also the top 2 rubbers are hard to insert, with some care a narrow nosed pliers to pull them through while pushing hard from the
front gets them in. Not wise to try using any tool, 'screwdriver' to push asthis can lead to scratched paintwork..!

The door Lock fitted ok, but a small piece of plastic was shaped and glued on the inside 'C' shaped area where the lock's  arm rises to it's locked position as this area otherwise allows the door to rattle a bit..!
14th JUNE 2007, and things are movin on...
Engine re-mounted with new rear shocker just to test, Carb inlet manifold not fitted at this stage but will need doing before
engine final fit as otherwise imposible to get the manifold past the frame.!! ho ho
Lots of hard work to get the front fork Buffers and front Suspension Rod Balls etc replaced. Not the easiest of jobs, but it's got to be done.
Fork main column bearings were in good nick, so re-used. Some care needed to get these steering column bearings and locking Nut to give correct smooth movement of steering. Headset refitted, may replace the three M6 bolts,when I get some.
Have re-drawn the HI-Definition wiring diagram found on the Web, so as to coincide properly with actual Headset lamp connector and also side junction box etc etc.  So, might get that wiring loom back in next.
It's in xxxx.doc format if anyone wants it.

20th JUNE 2007, and petrol tank inc fittings installed. Made new strap rubber buffers from some diy rubber
to get a better fit. Commercial rubber are never a good fit.
Note: The straps that are often bought come in jiffy bags and are coiled to save postage space. The coiling is often
the wrong way around (ends on inside of loop) means that the the trunnions will have a limited adjustment if the straps
are used in this way.
Open the coils of straps up and bend them around so that the ends, point outwards....Yeeepie..

Lots of care needed to fit the trunnions into ends of the straps, as they are a bit of a tight squeeze. A vice to
squeese them in work well. Sump guard fitted too.

28th JUNE 2007, exhaust fitted with a lot of cursing.!!

The rear hub fitted to allow rear wheel tempri fitting to give support fro rear during exhaust fitting. This needed as
the Labretta rear Tool stand not getting past the rear exhaust tail pipe.
Carb also fitted to test alignment of throttle cable and also Choke lever etc fitted. Should have got TWO Bends
for the carb cables (one for throttle and one for choke cable).

No prizes for guessing who managed to scratch and nacker the 'SPECIAL' Silver rear badge on inserting into holder.
TIP: remeber to put some masking tape or something at the rear of this badge or you run a serious risk of scratching
the back surface paint against the plastic bolt tabs behind it.
Tempri install of front hub to check if Speedo works...ok

15th SEPT 2007,  I guess I just got on with it......!!

After a lot of engine strips to replace Main Drive and seals etc and
also the gearbox Selector spider, bearinngs and clutch basket then
eventually I arrived at this piccie....woopie.

Time to MOT and annoy the DVLA a bit then..???

NOTE: According to Anglesey Local Council and also GWYNEDD Archives you will be wasting your time tracking vehicles of this age group 60s / 70s as between them they have managed to loose large chunks of this information when it was handed over to the Archives in Caernarvon, when the DVLA took over the duties of Registration () in 1973.

Nice of them wasn't it, maybe we can occassionally loose our COUNCIL TAX bills when it suits us too..????
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