Anglesey MOTHER of WALES

    As an indiginous true Welsh citizen of Wales I feel a strong sense of
responsibility to represent and give already diminishing influence and
voice of Welsh people within our own society. In the main we seem ignored
by the 'powers of be'  allowing the welsh Nation to yet again be held as
slaves to these overpowering indiviaduals across our borders.
Anglesey as an Island has seen many influences over the last
60 years but has lost many important ways of life, such as small
farming communities which were seen and felt to have a warm
association to each other, an element lost ever since, the large
constant migration of other Cultures across these Islands.
I this year of 2020 it seems very dictatorial for the England's
plebs in London to be content shuttled many foriegn nationals
from abroad into Wales, when we seem already knee deep in
so many more Holiday Home invaders since the midle of the
  last Century.

  During 2020 here in Anglesey, we were told that a close monitoring
  and control would be kept on visitors to the Island, due to a very
  serious deadly Virus that became very active, taking many lives.
  This was backed by the attendance of a newly elected MP for
  Anglesey who had attended the approach to the Island's Britannia Bridge
  to encourange any approaching Holiday Homers to return to their
  english Homes.
  A poor attempt by her, as many of these arrivals found other means to 
  come and stay on to Anglesey. This became evident as the number
  of strangers that had been seen in minimal levels rocketed to
  very high levels of Dogs needing to leave their waste in front of
  our houses. Many thanks for that Boris.